Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nest update

this morning i learned that the nest outside my window is my mama robin returning...that fills me with joy.

mama in the light fixture nest continues to be diligent and she and daddy guard closely from the garage roof each time i peek into the nest.

the sadness this morning was seeing more starling damage.  i will find a way onto the garage roof this winter to close off the area they are using to nest yet worry if that will cause other problems.  if you have removed starlings from your yard, let me know what worked.

i think this is where the nest was moved as this mama robin got very verbal when i took pics.  there won't be any in nest updates here.


  1. As a bird watcher and someone who feeds the birds from my backyard, I love seeing nests. :) They make me happy. I hope you get the blessing of watching momma and babies.

  2. this is round two...and i think i just saw another nest!