Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Gifts White

I seem to be stumbling across this book by the wife of a farmer who shares many of the same struggles I do.  It is called One Thousand Gifts.  Since my reading stack is immensely tall these days I gave up buying new books for Lent with the promise I would get through the pile before buying more, so I won't be buying it soon.  

Yet this premise of looking at ordinary things as gifts has captured my heart.  So for the next little bit, bear with me as I take the challenge of finding one thousand gifts.  Each month a day by day list is a web search and you will find the book, many praising it, some tearing it down because she references some more "liberal" folks (who I don't find so liberal), and even some great blogs following this theme.  On Facebook there is a community where she posts from her blog and gives some pretty cool links.  

And if for some quirky web-cosmic chance she should find this wee little blog, Ann Voskamp, thank you for the reminder that there is much to be grateful for in the midst of the ordinary.  How else would God call this grandma who can't knit to touch my little part of the world in his name?

For today...three gifts white:

+gesso which prepares a blank surface to become a gift of love for my precious mother in law.

+the white hairs on the precious snout of my beloved Joshua Brayden dog who loves me so wonderfully.

+blooms of the dogwood trees that mark spring in the South and remind me there is new life where once there was on dryness and death

For these white things I am grateful, thanks be to God!

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