Monday, April 23, 2012

3 gifts close

it seems somehow cheating, but my 3 gifts close are the sweet little baby robins i have been watching for the last ten days.

here they are as newborns...

a few along the way...

and here they are today as they prepare to leave the nest.  i know it will be soon as they are flapping their wings as mama and daddy call to them from a nearby tree.  i can no longer get close to the nest as they are so aware and i don't want them to fall if frightened.

what a gift it has been to be so close and watch each step of their journey.  i hope they return to nest as mama and daddy did.  this is our second spring here and the fifth nest.  this gift was right outside the window my desk faces.

how can one doubt God while watching the miracle of birth and growth?

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