Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles

One of my favorite artist's, Jane LaFazio, began The Kindness Chronicles today with some of her friends.  You can read about it here on her blog:  Janeville

The goal is that the first Sunday of each month we pay attention to kindness, both shared and received.  Part of me wishes that I knew about it before I left the house today and I had to chastise myself because I shouldn't need a prompt to be kind.  

I have no huge things to share and realize that is how most days really are when we don't make kindness a priority.  

As I reviewed the day I was reminded of the smiles I both received and gave, the hugs shared, and the gifts that are part of what this vocation calls me to, sacramentally and relationally.  

Kindness was given in sharing a God box with a friend who needed one, chatting with a teen I have missed about life and then finding a snack together, making a collage for someone I haven't seen in a while, and in guarding my tongue when I wanted to be not so nice (perhaps that really is something else, yet today it felt like a kind thing).

Kindness was received in words of affirmation after stepping out of my comfort zone in the pulpit, new trees to bring shade outside my kitchen, a chance to make amends, and receiving a holy meal with brothers and sisters as we journey together.

The lessons for me are:

~ that I shouldn't need to be reminded to be kind.

~ I am blessed to do what I do where I do it.

~ being kind is mostly about the little things that add up to make a big difference.

I intend to pay more attention to kindness not just the first Sunday of the month, but every day especially as we make that journey to the greatest kindness we have received.  

Feel free to join me in paying attention to kindness and the lessons it brings.

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