Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's so bright...

Meditation for Lent 4B

In the gospel for Lent 4 we find one of the most known passages of scripture.  We find it at almost every gathering of people, from football games to car races to t-shirts to church signs.  It has been trivialized and the richness of its meaning lost to many. 

The verse following it is also rich in love and grace.  It is the reminder that we are loved to the point we need do nothing for God has already done the work.  The words of darkness and light are beautiful images that speak to the depths of God’s love and our willingness to run from it.  A colleague recently shared that our response to God’s love is too often that we are blinded by the light, the love, so we put our sunglasses on to hide from the light.  In doing so we are able to run just a little while longer from the depth of God’s love. 

It can be difficult to trust in the gift of that love because we are unable to see it.  While it is there, how can we believe it when we cannot see it?  This life of faith would be so much easier if we were provided with special glasses that allowed us to see God’s love in times we have forgotten what it looks like when we have spent too much time focused on the darkness.

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