Monday, January 16, 2012

Creative Every Day Check in January 16th

The theme for the month of January is "new."  That word is near and dear to my heart entering this year (see post "tion-ing" below).

God has been working in me to allow me courage to try new things and let go of my need to listen to my inner critic as I create. I have had many epiphanies this month (see "God and gesso" and "drying time")as I have trusted and let go of my need to please as I play in my art room.  It has been a safe place to learn, pray, play, and risk.

This week I began two new journals...

No peeking Nana Cat

an attempt to be accountable

Made some thank you gifts for service for some incredibly dedicated and wonderful people...

the picture is of the church doors, the words are prayers

and made a gift for a fellow traveler...

first time using these project boards

All of this is "new" and wonderful and sometimes frightening.  There have been burned fingers, ruined clothes, a few tears, but mostly some incredible lessons and the awe that comes when someone says, "that is beautiful."  And indeed it is!

So come, visit, play, and find "new" with me in my art room.  The door is always open and Joshua always loves new friends!

"I'm so cute, how can she not notice me?"

 And I had a new bloom on my Christmas cactus!



  1. I thought I would visit a few CED artists I've never visited before. I am glad I did because I was very impressed with your awesome journal pages, as well as your Christmas cactus. I would love to play in your art room!

  2. Thank you so much B&E. Lots of new discoveries. Come play any time!