Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve blessings

Any words on the cusp of this most holy of nights seem trite, irrelevant somehow.  The little girl in me still waits for the magic to unfold under the tree, yet the more mature little girl cannot wait to kneel in the manger this evening and gaze with wonder at the best gift to ever be given.

It is easy to lose hope in this time of uncertainty and yet it is in that manger we find true hope.  It does not come in beautiful wrapping with shiny bows, but rather in a wee babe born in simplicity with those often not seen by others.

My prayer this Christmas eve for each of you and your family’s is that you take a moment or many to kneel with that wee babe in the manger and remember that God is in the simple things and with you always even in times when the darkness may seem overwhelming.

Et verbum caro factum est. And the Word became flesh—and dwelt among us.

Christmas eve blessings,


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