Wednesday, October 5, 2011


(This was a tough thing to find this week and so while the word may conjure up happy things, I had to search hard to remember where to find it...yet again it was in the little things and brief moments)

As hard to find in this 'tangle as it was in my week

As I drive past another for sale sign
A business boarded shut
The fourth restaurant in the same building
I wonder where the hope is

The tears ready to spill
As images come to mind
The mother in jail after a bad choice
The father denied his child
The daughter no longer recognized
The son ostracized

As I walk to another house full of pain
A baby jay greets me from the weather vane
A child smiling through the window pane
The sunlight warming the grain

A quick glimpse of you in the bow after the rain
Remind me that you call again and again

Come to me you whisper
Let me carry the weight
You are not alone
I see the pain and weep with you
Each day is new
And I walk with you

A reminder of where I find it always

1 comment:

  1. Truly beautiful words. It's hard sometimes to be with others in their pain and remember to let it go before it crushes us. Thank you for sharing.