Sunday, October 16, 2011

Being Spent

Today was an incredible gift that allowed me to remember why I do what I do.  It was a day in which I apologized for hurting someone’s feelings (never an easy thing especially when I thought my words were clear), listened to a priest not yet ordained share her heart and love of God, say timeless words that continue to take my breath away and bring tears to my eyes, prepare gifts for people I will spend time on a mountain with, learn about one I love in a new way, and be gently awoken from a nap by my beloved to a carefully prepared meal.  

This day brought the gift of sunshine, many expressions of love (including a beautiful prayer shawl), the pain of growing, and the reminder that God calls us always to have hope.  

For one day each week I have the joy of being with this part of God’s family in a beautiful and unique expression of God’s love.  None of us is perfect in this place, nor do we have it all together, and yet when we are with one another it is indeed wonderful.  Tomorrow we will continue to live outside the doors of this place we call a church after the gift of today.  I pray that this gift is present to each of us as we face what the days to come offer.   

May we be spent with joy.

This poem was one of many of today’s gifts (thanks for sharing it Suz):

You, made in God's image,
stamped with God's likeness,
you are God's valuable coin.
God intends to spend you
according to God's desire,
to spend you on life,
on what delights God.
Will you be a coin that has
rolled under the sofa,
or the one stuck to the bottom
of the piggybank, “saved”
but never spent, never redeemed,
waiting for some future that never comes?
No, beloved, be spent!
Let God give you away
and have a blast doing it,
let God hand you over
for the very thing God longs for,
as thankful for you
as a beggar is grateful
for the coin that buys him lunch.
You are God's,
so give yourself to God,
knowing God will spend you,
and trust this: that spent,
sent into the world
by the God of death and rising,
the God who loses nothing,
tomorrow you will find yourself
in God's pocket.

Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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