Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge #39

On that September morn
As planes crashed
And buildings fell
I held my child close
Afraid of what came next
I fell to my knees

In the dust of ashes
Heroes arose
Burning stairs climbed
Adrenaline enabling amazing feats
Each rescue a reminder of hope

Life went on
War began
Heroes and their loved ones forgotten by most
God left in the dust

Heroes and God not needed
As drive and greed
Became the seed
That covered the fear

That May eve
The news came
Senseless violence embodied by one
Met with an end
And I on my knees again

Ten years later
Heroes are remembered
War rages on
Children grow up without parents
Taken too soon
And I on my knees again

Knowing that I want love to win
But wondering how it can happen
When God is not mentioned again
Looking for the lion and the lamb
And the heavenly chorus of amen


  1. Well said, and with beautiful images too! Does not the scripture tell us that in the end only love remains?

  2. Beautiful sentiments and love (no pun intended!) your first tile...beautiful!

  3. A wonderful and amazing post! Thank you.

  4. Thank you for the kind and generous words. Your affirmation is a gift!

  5. What Lovely Tangles and words...Thank you

  6. You were busy this week! Lovely tangles and they fit the words perfectly.