Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Zentangle Challenge #35

I appreciate all the kind comments, yet was still not happy with my results.  What I realized is I was too focused on the dark and light thing, so I switched to sepia to move away from it.  This is where it led me:

Okay, so this is much harder than I first thought.  The challenge is to make it look like a tile in a tile.  Here is try #2 but I'm still not happy with the results.

I think I need to play more with light and dark contrasts.

Here is my first 'tangle for weekly challenge #35, "Tile on Tile" found at: 
I need to play with it a bit more so the border is more pronounced....stay tuned!


  1. I like your efforts and great patterns!!

  2. Nice efforts - fun flower garden in your second try.

  3. I think I need to go bigger. Working on a little space is some how too hard for me.

  4. I had to use a bigger tile to get the effect I wanted. and...are we ever "really" totally satisfied with our tangles? I think you did a good job with this!

  5. Nonsense! Both of these are great. I love the 2nd one, all the open space, feels so airy. Diana

  6. :)
    great work! warning! It's addictive! :)
    Love the TOP one! :D

  7. enjoy the journey and don't fret about the destination! you're doing great!