Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kiss my grids

I have to admit to chuckling when I saw weekly challenge #37 by Canadian Diva 
who named the challenge as a suggestion while having no knowledge of grits.  This California girl swore she would never acquire a taste for them having tried them in her home state, her in between state, and the state of her heart.  I frequently would shake my head and say, "how can you eat that stuff?????!!!!"

Little did I know I would meet, fall in love with, and marry a true Southern mountain man who continued to offer grits with the hope I would change my mind.  It wasn't until a meal during the search process for my current cure at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church that I was converted.  

Thanks to a delightful recipe prepared by Celia Wallace I tasted heaven in a bite of her Pimento Cheese Grits using grits from Falls Mills.

They grind their grits the old fashioned way and provide a wonderful tour to the sound of the falls.

So I have indeed been converted and a sack of these delightful grits will always be in my freezer.  I have to admit, the idea of a grid will have to grow on me just like grits did.  I struggled with feeling trapped in a box even with curving grids.

Here is the recipe, let me know if you try them:


  1. OK, Now we gotta work on SPAM, vienna sausages and Squirrel.

  2. I will try your recipe! I love Cheese Grits but my recipe doesn't have the pimento or cream cheese. My Canadian husband loves these grits but won't order them in a restaurant.
    Love your tangle.

  3. Yum, a recipe along with my art viewing. LOL Nice Zentangle!!

  4. Very nice grid work - and what a treat to explore your blog for the first time - definitely will be back for more.