Friday, July 8, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Little of it at home or on the road
Most of it in a place many find hopeless
Much of it watching my baby mother her baby
Many hurts
Lots of anguish
Anxiety and fear
Dancing with hope and prayer
In moments of doubt
Lifted by prayer of friend and stranger
Hospital time so different than mine
Day blends to night and back again
Many tears and fears
Trying to remember God is in control
Yet arguing that my will is better
In the end God is glimpsed in the little things
The smile of the one bringing clean towels
The touch of the greeter
The kind words of the healer
The knowing glance of another ‘ama
The meal brought by a friend
The gift of a stranger
The healing of our precious miracle
Many lessons learned
Memories made
Yet next vacation
I’d rather have shade

Inspired by a comment made by CW

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