Sunday, June 12, 2011


Fighting traffic and fear
Rushing to the airport
A hurried kiss from my beloved
One more hug as the bags are grabbed
Tears at the thought of not snuggling and giggling at the close of the day
The silver wings glide through the sky
A vision of God close by
Landing a wall of heat
A reminder this is an unknown
Lunch with a friend who has the same bag
A van ride with other journeyers
Buildings and noise give way
To water and trees that sway
A magical road over a swamp
A reminder of a time when levees failed
Prayers that broken ones wailed
A new home for a time
Fellow travelers found
Tears, fears, cheers, and even a few beers
Draw us together as we pray and play
Plan for a  new way
I gaze at the lake
The mist like my fear rises to the new day
A reminder that God journeys with me
And will carry me home
Richer for this time away from time
Reminded that I am wholly thine.

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